Julie Carrasco is a mixed media artist currently based in the Seattle area of Washington state. She grew up near Detroit, Michigan and studied in the Bay Area of California. She was recognized in her teen years for photorealistic portraiture. She then studied at California College of the Arts, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts dual degree in Glass and Textiles. There, she specialized in glass casting with the lost wax process and mixed media fiber sculpture. Her current work combines many mediums spanning the 2-D, tangible, kinetic and sculptural spectrum.



My works are meditations on tense situations. I strive to create a lens into the unknown, drawing from the interface of literal and imagined worlds. The sublime, whether spelled out or implied, is conjured to place one at the crux of tension, mortality and hope. While incorporating classical visual language, I also invent forms to convey the unconscious. The beings in my work are not quite human, but agents of expression within the sublime. Time is paused and suspended. In this liminal space, we are left to grapple with a sense of mortality and the human condition.